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What is the point

What is the point

After a long and fulfilling weekend I am torn from my slumber by my vibrating alarm clock. Still groggy and against my better judgement I hit the snooze, several times. I finally get up to get some coffee and to read.

I can’t focus on reading a book. So I sleep. Upon waking up, this time refreshed, my mind still wonders. To cage the monkey mind I get out a paper and pen.

What is the point?

Nap to recover

Journal to calm the mind and cage the monkey mind

Meditate to feel deep sense of joy

Write to find insights

Walk in nature to appreciate what you have

Lift heavy to feel strong and build health

Eat to energise your body and mind

Work to influence others

Read to expand your possibilities and thinking

Practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu to access flow

Cultivate relationships for connections and love

Gratitude journal to ingrain gratitude into your subconscious attitudes

Sleep to get a new opportunity to repeat the progress even better

What is the point?

Build habits to feel joy, to feel like you are making progress, connect deeper with people you want to connect with and invest your energy on things that excite you

And repeat to make the progress better daily, weekly, and monthly

Have fun

Arttu Heinilä

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