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What’s Body Investing about?

I really started getting into health and sports at age 14. I got into martial arts and was hooked from the first minutes. To get the most out of myself, I read every sports magazine I could get my hands on. At that time, optimizing your performance meant fitness and bodybuilding magazines. That was my first contact with the science of training. I was always after the latest and best things; new workouts with absolutely amazing benefits and carry-over into being a better athlete.

I did pretty well with that. I was a competitive athlete with success. I was in really good shape, but I was stressed out most of the time. I had all kinds of aches and pains, and I was tired, bloated and I had brain fog. I was fit, but I wasn’t happy or fulfilled, mostly just stressed about all the things I had to or should be doing. I was moving and doing things just for the benefits, not really passionate or enjoying the activity; trying to get the end result without being passionate about the path there.

Eventually I started realizing there had to be a better way; there just had to. I started developing better practices, studying better material. This led to focusing on what I really enjoyed and what the critical few activities for the biggest impact on my health and performance were. I started focusing on doing less to get more. I still get caught with new bright and shiny things every now and then, but with better knowledge and better strategies I get out of the endless whirlpools easily. My focus is on investing my time and energy on the things that really matter to me and give me happiness, fulfillment and results.

Here’s to not chasing after mirages; the latest exercise routines or gadget from fitness industry. Here’s to having vibrant health and energy, bulletproof body, and fulfillment in the activity.